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Introducing an innovative cloud-based budget management
software to give public servants a full view of their finances.

Your questions,

Budget Manager is for anyone that is concerned with spending. The app experience is highly personalized depending on the user’s role. Financial and administrative teams can log and track purchases, while managers and directors can view dashboards that breakdown spending or allocation by any category – even across different departments or cost centres.

You do not need salesforce to take advantage of Budget Manager. We have simply used the power of the salesforce platform to build our own application that can operate with or without an existing salesforce license.

  • Current technology is dated and therefore inefficient- wasting time and money. Budget Manager is built for the public sector and aims to streamline every single aspect of budget management within your professional space to remedy these problems.
  • Excel and email are not enterprise-grade data tools. By putting all your information into one cloud-based database, it allows teams to deliver their core services effectively by removing bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
  • Budget manager streamlines communication between the decision makers and facilitates the entire processes, swell as customizable reports and dashboards all through our intuitive SaaS application. Decision makers will be able to see these useful reports in real time – allowing for a smoother financial process without as much back and forth between spreadsheets, emails and financial teams.

The problem at hand.

Public sector budget tracking and management can be improved. Older technology and methodologies bottleneck the process through reliance on spreadsheets and a lack of standardized systems. Departmental auditing processes are a nightmare due to the absence of a universal budget tracking system. The lack of visibility on things like soft vs hard commitments, burn rates and available funds, often results in unnecessary effort towards answers that could be acquired easily

Five out of eight selected Missions developed their own informal budget tracking and reconciliation processes, including the use of Excel spreadsheets. This may result in inaccurate tracking of actual expenditures versus total authorized allocation and duplicity of effort.

- Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Departmental Performance Report

The organization is ineffective in monitoring operating budgets and making informed and/or accurate decisions.

- Global Affairs , Audit of the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives

What’s the solution?

Cloud-based solutions are the future. With centralized and accessible systems, departments will be able to save time, money, and manpower on
budget management. The scope of this new technology is incredible! Keep reading to learn how we use it to solve your problems.

Tailoring the power of the cloud to the public sector’s needs, Budget Manager streamlines and centralizes budget management and tracking operations while facilitating collaboration and guarding against errors. With this powerful tool you will be able to track every aspect of your finances and simplify all processes within your jurisdiction – whether you’re in finance, administration, management, or beyond, the process and the view will require much less effort.

What BM hopes to accomplish

Using Budget Manager, we hope to mitigate unnecessary future operational failures within your business, saving you time and money along the way! Our purpose-built databasing platform will also improve collaboration between managerial and financial teams through a fun and intuitive in-app communication system.

We simply want to make your life easier when it
comes to budget management.

What BM could mean for the public sector

The public sector is tasked with using taxpayer money to deliver services for the benefit of the general public. Every financial decision affects Canadians, and so departments should be using the finest technologies available.

Budget Manager is a software at the vanguard of a revolution in budgetary management. It aligns with government security mandates and financial acts, while creating a centralized and standardized process that will be seamlessly integrated into your department. It is a system that makes communication central and easy, simplifies budget management and tracking, and gives decision makers the data in an accessible format to make informed decisions confidently!

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